Title: Sleepless

Age Category: Adult

Genre: Sci-fi Romance

Word Count: 80,000


Rose is finally earning her hard-won superhero license—if she can avoid breaking one important rule: No fraternizing between partners. But JiHo proves he’s just as irresistible as he is invincible. Talk about Kryptonite.

First 250 Words of Manuscript:

The superhero internship interview was my last chance for post-graduate success.

Which meant everything that could go wrong, did.

The elevator hummed as it carried me and the unconscious man up the floors. The guy sprawled at my feet, collapsed atop the duffel bag he’d left sitting in the middle of the elevator. The bag that had caused me to trip in the first place.

Which made the situation just as much his fault, in my mind. I’d stumbled, the sudden shock making my powers flare to life. It churned just under my skin, ready to defend me.

“No!” I managed just as the guy reached out to catch me.

One touch was all it took. His hands caught hold of my bare arms and down he went, my ability plunging him deep into sleep.

The elevator chirped, signaling our approach to the chosen floor. My pulse sped up, my hands turning cold. If my advisor heard about this incident, I could kiss that internship goodbye. I’d land right back in counseling. Or worse, remedial training.

So, what to do? Throw a table cloth and a potted plant over him? Tape a sign to his chest that said, “Sleep protest in progress, do not disturb?”

The elevator pinged open. I spun, frozen.

The corridor stood empty. I blew out the breath I’d been holding. I mashed the button for the lobby then ducked through the doors before they closed. Sending a silent apology the guy’s way, I headed down the corridor to the faculty offices.


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